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We Cannot Stay Silent

stand-with-you2I want to take a moment to acknowledge the pain many of you are experiencing as a result of the loss of life, social injustice, and racism we are seeing all too often in the daily headlines. To our employees, colleagues, neighbors, and friends; to those whom we do not yet know and the ones we may never have the chance to meet; to those who are grieving the loss of loved ones; and to those on the front lines advocating for change: I hear you, I acknowledge your pain, and I stand with you—both today and always. We (Markon) are here to support you in any way possible.

These days, finding the right words feels challenging as I certainly have more experience talking about project management, client support, etc. It would be easier to stay silent, but the consequences of failing to take a stand during times such as these are far greater. Markon has a responsibility to speak out against injustices, to shed light on difficult topics, to create an open environment for conversation, to listen and learn, and to take action where our efforts can make a difference.

Diversity is very important to Markon. While Markon has always strived to foster a culture of inclusion and equality, our efforts must not only be amplified within Markon, but also extended beyond the boundaries of our business. The change we need cannot come from public figures or legislation alone. I fully admit I don’t have all or even many of the answers but I think I have a good place to start.

character-societyMore than ever before, we should look to our core values. Take Initiative is about being proactive to solve problems. We as a company need to challenge ourselves to do something with the problems of social injustice. Lead with Humility says we need to understand as leaders what it’s like to be in someone else’s shoes and make decisions with humility in mind.  Corporate Integrity before Personal Gain is our value to put our own self interests second and think about the greater good. And Respect for Clients, Partner and Markon Employees is meant to cover the universe of people we interact with (not just in relation to Markon business). What we do when no one is paying attention defines our character. They are also the things that, over time, define our society.

Please know my door is always open to hear your ideas, listen to your thoughts and learn how to implement meaningful change. 

About the Author

Matt Dean

Matt Dean

Matthew Dean is the founder of Markon Solutions and is responsible for its vision and strategic plan. Matt has over 25 years of experience providing executive management and consulting support throughout the Intelligence Community and Department of Defense. Before he founded Markon Solutions, Matt was a Director at MKI Systems, a Senior Manager with the National Security practice at BearingPoint, and a cost analyst with the Department of the Navy. Matt has a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering from Virginia Tech and a master’s in Engineering Management from University of Maryland University College. Matt hopes that Markon remains consistent with its corporate vision to provide a path to success for our employees and clients, while maintaining our small business culture. It is his intention to preserve the idea that all Markon employees have the opportunity to make a real difference at Markon, regardless of their position within the company.