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U.S. Coast Guard Deepwater Financial Analysis

Markon supported the U.S. Coast Guard with financial analysis and procurement planning for a multi-billion program. 

Markon supported BMT Designers and Planners and the U.S. Coast Guard in their financial analysis for two different Deepwater assets.  First, Markon developed a business case analysis comparing two alternatives under the Fast Response Cutter program.  Next, Markon conducted an analysis to assist in the procurement planning for the National Security Cutter program. 

Our analysts developed a complicated model using cost, technical and programmatic inputs from a variety of data sources including NAVSEA 017 (Cost Estimating), NAVSEA 02 (Contracts), and PEO SHIPS.  

Markon developed an economic model which compared 12 procurement options for the National Security Cutter program to determine the client’s future procurement strategy. Markon’s analysis and subsequent briefing enabled the client to make an informed decision on which option was best suited for the $10 billion project. 

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