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1201 New York Avenue

Markon is providing exceptional tenant coordination services during a 12-story atrium window replacement program in Washington, DC. 

The 413,000-square-foot building features a 12-story sky-lit atrium that rises the full height of the building over the lobby. This unique free-standing property features an expansive window line with park, monument, and CityCenter views. 

1201-New-York-Ave1.jpg_ (1)Before construction began, we met with all 17 tenants individually to review construction plans and gather requirements to limit the impact on employees, customers, and core business. We developed a communications plan, 17 discrete tenant coordination plans (including schedule, scope, and impacts), office move contracting, monthly status reporting, and a tenant issue tracker. Our project managers field requests from tenant and implement plans to keep tenants satisfied and informed. 

The project is scheduled to conclude in late 2018.

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